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Dance Me to the End of Love

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

In my heart,

My dancing footsteps,

Though alone

Your arms remain around me,

The music of our early years.

I heard the song the other night

The first cord pierced my heart

I was that girl of twenty-one

Oui, "Ma Vie"

“Tu es une petite fille”

Oui, j’étais trop raisonnable

But I knew no other way

I made choices from my vocabulary,

Words that were not yours,

Words you could not, would not understand.

Are you still alive?

Do you still think of me?

Does the summer moon

Bring me to you

As the music brings you to me?

"Ma Vie"

Ours was joy and sorrow,

Conflict never resolved.

O, we tried!

We fought for each other,

I not hard enough

Because my “raisonable” self knew,

Though you remain steeled in my memory,

In the cavern of my heart,

You were not the one to

"Dance me to the end of love"


Ma Vie - Alain Barrière, lyricist

Dance Me to The End of Love - Leonard Cohen, lyricist

Tu es une petite fille - Marc Aryan, lyricist

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