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Christmas in the Holy Land, II: The Twig

And so you know how insane I appeared to staff at the univeristy. But, get my paycheck I did! My child was going to have Christmas! A ...

Christmas in the Holy Land: I

My paycheck, my paycheck, my world for my paycheck! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. However, being a nomad has brought its...

Around in the Aronde: I

Memories often have vivid touch points. Alexandra's description of a dear family friend has a beautiful relic of a car as the centerpiece.

Haiku I

Alexandra Alissandratou is a poet, author and always a student! She has started playing with Haiku to keep her wit sharp.

I sailed the wine-colored sea

What do you know about Homer's Iliad? In today's post Alexandra combines her love of history with her love of travel and literature.

Poor Befuddled Procopios

What do you know about Procopios? An avid historian, Alexandra takes a close look at this author's recount of the tales of yore.

Haiku II

Alexandra Alissandratou pushes herself to explore new writing formats. Here is her second Haiku.


Alexandra Alissandratou pens a heartfelt poem about the generational journeys of motherhood.

More About Me

I was dressed to kill in my new travel outfit! Hat! Gloves! Purse! In my train case were books and two teddy bears: Mama and Baby. I...


Of all ages, races, nationalities and creeds are occupying the headlines! Our voices are heard throughout the world, be it in politics,...

Monuments to the Past

The other day, while writing, the idea of deserted neighborhoods, cities came to mind. What Constantinople in 1453, Thessaloniki in 1430...

The Bosphorous

During my most recent trip to Istanbul this past winter, it seemed to me that the outside noise never sleeps. The sounds of the cars,...

Empress Irene

My family was ambitious; when the opportunity arose, it was decided that I would be their vehicle to greatness. Little did I, Maria of...

Wonder Woman

Yes, You are frustrated And the world looks glum Through the dull face of the computer, That magnetic screen You glare at day in and day...

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